Mr & Ms Mahotsav


  1. Any number of participants are allowed from each institution.
  2. It has a total of 4 rounds.
  3. Eliminations will be there at the end of each round.
  4. Judges decision will be final.

  5. Date:will be updated soon..
    Venue:will be updated soon..


  1. A written test will be held for a duration of 20 mins.
  2. The objective of this round is to get a better idea of the personality of the participant.


  1. This is a group discussion round .
  2. The objective of this round is to test the communication skills and team player skills of the participant.
  3. Language to be used: English.
  4. Usage of any abusive words will lead to immediate disqualification.


  1. This is the Talent Round.
  2. The objective of this round is to test skills and levels of confidence the participant.
  3. Each participant is allotted with a maximum of 5 minutes to present their special talents or skills.


  1. This round consists of two parts.
    1. Presenting yourself (ramp walk).
    2. Surprise!!!(Details will be revealed on the spot).


  1. WINNER:- will be updated /-

  2. 1st RUNNER-UP:-will be updated /-

Event Coordinator

Faculty Coordinator : Mr.Anirudh Maddi-9030557363

Student coordinator : G.Lakshmi Bhavani-9491611551
D.Sri Poojitha-9100723404


Note: Limited registrations!!!  Registration will be finalized on first come first serve bases.     to complete the process of registration,submission of photocopy of your college ID card is mandatory