Just A Minute

For the sharp orator in you. A test as much of your art of speaking as of your spontaneity.
It’s not easy to go on stage and speak impromptu, but if nothing thrills you more, then this competition is for you!
Team size: Solo

Date and Time: Will be updated soon.
Venue: Will be updated soon.

Note: The competition will be conducted under the supervision of a judge whose decision will be final.


After the topic is given, 25 seconds will be given as buffer time, after which the participant has to talk for a maximum of one minute regarding the given topic.


  1. One of the contestants will start speaking on the given topic andany of the other contestants can jam the speaker, by telling the reason for jamming.
  2. If it is justified then that person will gain points and the chance of speaking and if it is turned down then he/she will get negative points and the previous speaker can continue speaking.
  3. The contestant with the maximum points at the end of the given time will be declared the winner.


  1. WINNER:- will be updated /-

  2. 1st RUNNER-UP:-will be updated /-

Event Coordinator

Faculty Coordinator : Ashline George-7287905835

Student coordinator : Arshad Mohammed-9493925329-arshad.mdrocks@gmail.com


Note: Limited registrations!!!  Registration will be finalized on first come first serve bases.     to complete the process of registration,submission of photocopy of your college ID card is mandatory