It is a nest of events which include spell bee,solving anagrams,solving crosswords and words worth. The people do need to qualify each round to be promoted for the other.

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NOTE: Using electronic devices is strictly prohibited.

Round 1-Words worth

All the participants will be given a list of words. From the given word, the contestants are required to either jumble the words to form a new word or the word is to be broken into simpler words which make scence.


  1. Every word written should be meaningful and legible. (need not write the meaning).
  2. Every word should consist of at least ‘three’ letters.
  3. No repetition of words or addition of new letters is entertained.
  4. The size of the word does count the weightage rather than the number of words.

Round 2- Spell bee

In this round words are orated among the crowd and the contestants are required to write down word with its correct spelling.


  1. The words are repeted thrice. Hence no chance of miss spell.
  2. The words are to be legible.

Round 3-Solving crosswords

In this round participants are given a crossword puzzle with all the required information. Participants should fill in the words of the puzzle with the help of phrases provided.


  1. 30-35minutes of time is given to solve the puzzle.
  2. Words filled should be appropriate to the phrase given.

Round 4-Solving anagrams

Anagrams are the sub words or phrases derived from the given word. All the participants will be given some words from which they need to make words or phrases using all the letters of the word given.


  1. Every anagram written should me meaningful and legible.(need not write the meaning).
  2. 4-5minutes of time is given to dropdown your anagrams for each word (subject of anagram) given.
  3. The words are not to be repeated from the given list.


  1. WINNER:- to be updated /-

  2. 1st RUNNER-UP:- to be updated /-

Event Coordinator

Faculty Coordinator : Ashline George-7287905835.

Student coordinator : Rohith Maddu-7013019230-rohithmaddu99@gmail.com


Note: Limited registrations!!!  Registration will be finalized on first come first serve bases.     to complete the process of registration,submission of photocopy of your college ID card is mandatory