It is a combination of literature and music wherein the participants are required to fill in the blank spaces in the lyrics of the particular song which would be played during the competition.
A maximum of three rounds would be conducted to decide the winner and the songs will be played only in english language.

Date: Will be updated soon.
Venue: Will be updated soon.


Here the contestants are provided with a song that is played. After the song, each are provided with the lyrics of the song played with blank spaces inbetween. The contestants need to fill up the blank spaces.


Making it a bit tougher and enjoyable, a total of song is played and the contstants are provided with half the lyrics. They need to fill up the other half of the lyrics.


  1. No electronic gadgets are being allowed into the hall.
  2. All the stationary is being provided. Hence no sort of lose paper, pen or other material is allowed.
  3. The audio clips will be played twice.


  1. WINNER:- to be updated /-

  2. 1st RUNNER-UP:- to be updated /-

Event Coordinator

Faculty Coordinator : Ashline George-7287905835n..

Student coordinator : Niharika chamarthy-8977184605-niharika.chamarthy@gmail.com


Note: Limited registrations!!!  Registration will be finalized on first come first serve bases.     to complete the process of registration,submission of photocopy of your college ID card is mandatory