Creative Writing

Creative writing is any writing of own composition. The participants are supposed to write an essay on a particular topic that will be given on the spot. The write-ups are to be submitted within the specified duration.
It is a pen and paper competition. The word limit for the competition is 800 words.

Date: Will be updated soon.
Venue: Will be updated soon.


  1. Date: 21 Jan 2017
  2. Timings: 10:00 am to 2:00 Pm
  3. Venue: U Block. IC Engine Lab


  1. All the participants must register for the competition before the commencing of the competition.
  2. All the write ups must be written in English.
  3. The participants can choose any one topic from the given topics.
  4. All the work must be original and should be written on the spot.
  5. The write up should be submitted within the given duration of time.
  6. Only one entry per participant is allowed.
  7. All the required stationary is being provided. Hence no lose sheet of paper, pen or any material is allowed.
  8. Once the write ups are submitted, they will be open to evaluation.
  9. The word limit is to be followed.


  1. WINNER:- to be updated /-

  2. 1st RUNNER-UP:- to be updated /-

Event Coordinator

Faculty Coordinator : Ashline George-7287905835

Student coordinator : Sahithi


Note: Limited registrations!!!  Registration will be finalized on first come first serve bases.     to complete the process of registration,submission of photocopy of your college ID card is mandatory